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Mix Tape [Post] of Awesome #5

24 May

It’s been a while since the last Mix Tape Post… Normally I try to do Mix Tapes on the weekend so that you have more time to read these gems, but… I just wanted to share anyway. And, I hear Tuesday is the hardest day of the week. Maybe this will get some of you through it. If not, I’d recommend a margarita. That seems to do the trick when reading my Mix Tapes doesn’t. Am I right, or am I right? Please share any highlights you had reading, eating, or living-wise in the comments, too (and yes, of course you can link-up to your own posts, silly)!

Enjoy! - I tend to believe everything I read

Good Reads

Got Culture? How the arts really do make you healthier. (See, that last post wasn’t for nothing!)

Pesticides and Toxins from GMO Food Found in Blood of Pregnant Mothers This recent research flies in the face of claims that pesticides on our food just move in one end of the body and out the other, without leaving a trace. Pesticides are linked with miscarriage, as well as numerous other diseases and conditions, so this should be even more alarming than it already seems. Also, recent studies have shown that pesticides ingested by pregnant mothers has an effect not only on children’s general health, but also lowers their IQ. This article titled, “Pesticides and Our Kids,” is a great follow-up to read.

Can Gut Bacteria Affect Mental Health? I am so thankful to see many, many studies like this one pooping popping up everywhere. After changing my diet significantly to try to rebalance intestinal flora (and to heal from the damage long-term gluten ingestion had done to my body), my life has completely changed. I am the healthiest I have ever been, both physically and emotionally. I truly think committing to activity and restoring the right bacteria ratios in my body through diet are the reasons for this. More and more, especially with the skyrocketing occurrence of autism and ADHD, the medical community is starting to pay heed to the idea that our body is not segmented into hundreds of different, mutually-exclusive parts; our body is composed of systems that interact with each other. We shouldn’t be surprised that one (perhaps seemingly unrelated) system affects another so significantly. Did you read this? Did you know 1 in 6 kids now has a developmental disorder (autism, ADHD, etc.)? Interesting that changes in diet can completely change the autistic behaviors of many of these children.

Belly Fat, Not BMI, Increases Risk of Death I have read similar findings in the past. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize the dangers of carrying excess weight, particularly on your stomach. It’s not an aesthetic issue, it’s one of health.

Four Words That Will Change Your Life Forever You just have to read this. Seriously. (Especially if you’re a parent.)

The Really Simple Way To Get Work Done The key to being productive. Bam.

This post on Peas and Thank You reviewing vegan protein powders. While one doesn’t need protein powder as a vegetarian/vegan, they come in awfully handy sometimes. We have been experimenting with a handful, and all have been kind of…well…disgusting. Sorry! But true. I seriously thought I might upchuck at one. Eeps. This was a great primer to start narrowing down our options again.


Good Eats

The easiest homemade almond milk I’ve ever seen. So simple. And I love simple.

Avocado Pesto & Other Nut Free Alternatives From Gena at Choosing Raw. I’m not even surprised anymore when she whips out deliciousness like this.

Effortless Portobello Burgers Too easy. And as Katie pointed out, these can easily be raw — just let them marinate and don’t cook ‘em!

Bring-The-Party-In-Your-BBQ-Sauce Sauce Let’s get it started in hurr. Vegan, gluten-free. What more can you ask?

Booyah BBQ Socca Pizza (I started salivating — literally — just typing that.) If I could eat this every night for the next month or so, I would be an ecstatically pleasant woman to be around.

Muddy Caesar Salad from Ricki at Diet, Dessert, N Dogs. Vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, and from what I can tell, raw too! This looks like a perfect way to start in on some summer grub — fresh food and lots of salad! (Whoa, did you know she has a PhD in Modern American Literature? The English major inside me is swooning…)


Good Times

I had another highlight-of-my-life evening with people I adore. Thank you so much, dear ones. And a very special thanks to the man who made it happen, and was more than generous and accommodating to my high-maintenance eating gluten-free and vegetarian needs. If you ever need someone to give you the best meal of your life, let me know. I know a guy. (Oh, and Father-of-The-Guy, Wendell, I hope you liked your doughballs! xoxo)

I’m back to my old book-ish ways. And I like it.

I’m doing a great deal of reflecting on my priorities, what a flourishing life looks like for me, and how to nourish that.

My brother moved to Denver. Woo! Just a short drive away now.

We planted a tree in remembrance of my brother-in-law, Andrew. Yes, that was part of what I was doing in my hometown this past week. I haven’t shared this part of my life yet, but at this point, it’s been less than a year, and I’m just not quite ready to discuss it on the blog. But I will say that it’s truly amazing how much this wonderful man changed me, and it is comforting to think on how this tree will bring such joy to those who sit under it in years to come.


So… I have an outrageous amount of comments to catch up on… Sorry! I know I am shamefully behind; traveling will do that. But thank you for all the comments you left, despite my belated response. : ) They mean so much to me!


Highlight of reading, eating, and living of your week?

Mix Tape [Post] of Awesome #4

15 May

It’s been a a while since I last did a Mix Tape post due to our cuh-razy past couple of weeks, but I think the time is right to resurrect (no pun intended) The Sunday edition of The Nourishing Flourishing Times. Here are some of the highlights from my week!

Good Reads

Do One Thing by Robyn O’Brien. I planned (and still intend, I think) to write (another) post on the idea of how to avoid being overwhelmed by choosing a more healthy lifestyle — how to begin with making better choices, rather than perfect ones. But when I came across this a few days ago, I just knew I had to share as soon as I could! Robyn is an amazing food industry reformer, and I highly recommend checking out her website!

You Have All the Time You Need by Matt @ No Meat Athlete. While a lot of Matt’s content tends to be about running, fueling, and athletics in general, I think I actually engage most with his writing related to tangential issues. This post discusses time management and goals. It’s an empowering (and, daresay, convicting?) reflection on how we view, and use, our time, and how we really can achieve just about any goal if we know how to appropriately adjust our time investment and focus. It actually completely changed my week — I took his advice and wrote down all the activities from my day, with amount of time spent on each. Since I’ve been feeling frustrated with balancing seemingly irreconcilable visions and dreams lately, this was just what I needed. The only question is: what do I do now with the information I have? I’ll keep you posted… (No pun intended.)

This article on the American diet. While this is on a vegan website, the facts still check out (scarily enough)!

Yesterday’s post on Ethics of Eating. If you haven’t yet, please go check out the many thoughtful comments, and perhaps add your own! Reading them made me so grateful to have such respectful, honest, and conscientious readers. I love you.


Good Eats (and Drinks)

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, (Refined) Sugar-Free Blueberry Scones and Scuffins. Mmm. Blueberries = Springtime.

Vanilla Bean Cake from Kelly @ The Spunky Coconut. Kelly posted this treat nearly two years ago, but I’m feeling cake-y lately, and I had to share the recipe for those struggling to find a more authentic-tasting gluten-free option. It’s made with surprising, simple, grain-free and dairy-free ingredients. I love Kelly’s creative recipes, and I am certain this one will be a winner. Now I just need an occasion to make it… Oh, yeah. It’s Sunday. That works! (So do the “occasions” of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…)

Sunny White Sangria from Angela @ Oh She Glows. Have you ever heard of white sangria? I hadn’t, to my recollection. This looks citrusy and the perfect type of zingy Spring drink to bring to a get-together. I foresee it in my future… : )

Herbed Asparagus Fries from Ashley @ The Edible Perspective. Seriously, I don’t even know what to say here. Asparagus. Fries. What more do you want from life?! Can’t wait to make these.


Good Times

BFF Manfriend graduated with his MA, and is getting geared up for PhD work in the fall. (Woo! Congrats again love!)

We celebrated a life. It was a wonderful send-off to a wonderful woman.

We saw Kyle totally kill (*snort*) the lead in Sweeney Todd at his university. Seriously…mad skillz (another unintended pun… Get it…mad?)! We also kidnapped he and Abby and brought them home with us. Love those two. So good to spend time together!

I spent an entire afternoon working hard on several recipes that each totally failed. Nutritional yeast and I are not friends yet… *sigh* But, it was funny. You have to laugh, or you’ll cry. And laughing is easier!

I had a Think This, Not That moment. Instead of agonizing over what I seemed to not be able to do (uh, make tasty food), I went and challenged myself to do something else. After my kitchen fails, I went on a random 4 or 5 mile run, despite not running much not just in the past few months, but in the past few years. It was random, and amazing. I’m not going to be “a runner” again, but it was nice to feel accomplished with my (albeit spontaneous) personal goal.


What were some highlights for you?

Mix Tape [Post] of Awesome #3

1 May

You can check in on the last Mix Tape Post by clicking here. With all the traveling schtuff last week, I kind of had to skip it for a week or two. But don’t fear — your Sunday morning edition of The Nourishing Flourishing Times is here again. I hope you find some of these articles and posts to be useful and thought-provoking. Or just delicious.

Good Reads

Angela @ Oh She Glows’ amazing post called “Lessons on Self-Love“, and another on recovering from negative thought-patterns and actions. Both are honest, thoughtful, practical, and encouraging.

Gena @ Choosing Raw’s analysis and response to a popular article describing eight “types” of disordered eating personalities.

This article on how those little PLU stickers on your produce can tell you whether your food is genetically modified or not.

This rocking article about parents, kids, and how we’re totally destroying our children, pretty much. (Ok, a little dramatic — but I was so grateful to see someone standing up about this!) Read the title and tell me you don’t agree.

This was one of my favorite posts to date, most likely because I feel like it is the most true-to-myself. I mess up. But I’m learning. It sounds like you guys are human too. So if you missed it, have a quick glance.


Good Eats

Cinnamon (Un) Sugar Dessert Hummus –  I tried this on my toast this morning and almost fainted. And then I tried it on apple slices and I did faint. (Again, with the dramatics…)

Sloppy Joe Lentil Posers – We found out that these are even better the next day. I didn’t really think that was possible. We will be eating these once a week now. Quite seriously.

Double Dark Chocolate Doughballs – Need I say more? Ok. I will: gluten-free, vegan, 15 minutes. Snap.

Mama Pea’s Not-Animal Crackers – These look ridiculously awesome. And it’s not just because they’re in the shape of vegetables. (They are GF and vegan too!)

(The other, ha) Katie’s No Makeup Smoothie — No makeup? Check. I’m in. Bonus: a B12 surprise. Bam! I’m drooling.

I promise, my dad was closer than he appears. And my face is probably not that wide. A bad angle on a great moment : )

Good Times

My parents are visiting! I wish I could express how happy this makes me.

Maybe the photo helps in conveying this.



Any highlights from your week?

Mix Tape [Post] of Awesome #2

18 Apr

I held off on this one since my little health scare drama put me a little off schedule on posts. So, since I know you all were waiting with bated breath ; ) …here are some highlights (good reads, eats, and times) I have been excited to share all week! Again, it’s like your very own New York Times Sunday Edition (a little late). There were some rockin‘ articles and posts that I am so stoked to include. I just want you to know that I put a lot of time into considering what to deem worthy of your precious time; hopefully one of these will jump out at you : )


Oh, Levar Burton... XOXO


Good Reads

  • Erin of Big Girl Feats’ series Out of the Closet (An amazing story of her growth and healing.)
  • Mama Pea of Peas and Thank You’s Education on Food summarizing what she took from a Michael Pollan talk
  • **** This article on Precocious (Early) Puberty. This other short article offers an idea of why. The age of puberty is getting lower each year, especially among girls. And it comes with many risks – emotional and physical (diabetes, metabolic disorders, breast cancer, etc.). As someone who had to wear a bra in 2nd grade, and started my period (sorry, TMI? Oops.) in 4th grade, I strongly recommend reading this. Especially if you are a parent. I wholeheartedly believe we can trace the majority of the causation for this back to our hormone-infused food products (specifically meat and dairy), processed foods (including highly estrogenic soy), environmental factors like BPA, and the exposure of young ones to sexualized entertainment. Makes me livid. (Wow — soapbox, sorry.)


Good Eats and Drinks


Good Times

Meh. I’m not too interesting in The Good Times Department. Shucks.


Did you actually go and read any of these? ; ) If you did, let me know in the comments! xoxo

(Maybe I’ll even send you a treat, you never know!)

Mix Tape [Post] of Awesome

10 Apr

So, I wanted to use this Sunday to share a little joy with you. Did you ever make mix tapes (yes, cassettes — doesn’t it make you feel old, despite being young)? I was a mix-tape fanatic. Here is my my mix…”post.” I haven’t done this before, but I thought perhaps it would be better than overloading you with yet another recipe, bad photoediting job, or heavy post. It lets me offer some cool things I’ve encountered this week, and maybe even (not so) sneakily place some of my own posts into the list, so that you new readers (welcome friends!) can get a sense of what Nourishing Flourishing is all about. It’s like the Sunday New York Times, but in hyper-summarized blog format. Or not. Not at all, really. Anyway. Grab your cup of coffee or tea, and snuggle in for some nice Sunday readin’.

Here were some highlights of the past week or so:

Good Reads:

Good Eats and Drinks:

Good Times:

  • I got to guest post at Bob’s Red Mill
  • Enjoyed some sunshine
  • Hung out with my friend Mary, who is the most jovial 80-something year old you’ll meet
  • Beanitos are on sale BOGO…so far I have purchased 16 bags, at least…(they go off sale soon, in my defense)
  • Laughed really hard, a lot (mostly at the end of this post)
  • Taking Sunday off to recharge (ahhhh, yes!)

Hope this mix tape post provides your day of relaxation a little more…awesome.

Highlights of your week?